22/04/12 Day 3. 22km. Zubiri – Pamplona.

We were awake at 06.00, packed and had a lovely breakfast and were away by 08.00. Josh and Sara had left early as they planned to walk through Pamplona and stay in Cizur Menor, 5km further on as per the Brierly Guide. Many of the pilgrims seem to follow his guide to the letter. Our plan was to stay in Trinidad de Arre which is 17km from Zubiri and 3km from Pamplona.

It was a beautiful sunny Sunday morning as we headed out. We met Scottish Dave and walked with him for a while but left him in Larrasoana where he stopped for a coffee. He is ok but a bit of a blowhard.


The day got better and better, warm and sunny, my face got a bit sunburned but the weather is a big improvement on the last few days so no complaints. Iggy discovered that he had left his e reader in the albergue under his pillow but when we rang they told us it was not handed in. We met Ana again and she walked into Trinidad with us. Her feet are giving her problems and she has blisters already. She is talking about getting a bus from Trinidad to Cizur Menor to meet Josh and Sara.


We arrived in Trinidad early and after a long break we decided to keep going the extra few kilometers to Pamplona. We said our goodbyes to Ana and headed off.


We crossed the Puenta de Magdelana at 14.30 and entered the old section of the city. The first albergue, which we had seen advertised in Zubiri was full but they directed us to the Jesus et Maria just inside the old city walls. This cost €7.00 per night and was another huge but well run albergue.We booked in, showered, changed and headed out to get some lunch and see the sights.

Being Sunday a lot of places were closed but we had a nice lunch around the corner from the albergue then had a walk around the centre and saw the bull ring and the famous bull running statues. The restaurant that usually served the pilgrim menu was closed so we walked to the Plaza del Castillo and ate in “Hemingway’s” famous restaurant. We met James and his wife there and joined them for the meal. we had a very enjoyable dinner and all for €13.50 each, the only down side was the waiting staff were so rude and up themselves. Bed early and loads of snoring again tonight.





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