23/04/12 Day 4. 16.5km Pamplona – Uterga.

Awake at 06.00, dressed, packed but did not leave albergue ’till 08.00. Iggy is slow getting started in the mornings! We had breakfast at a nearby cafe, then headed for the main post office as Iggy had to post more gear home to lighten his pack. Funny but the post office does not sell stamps, you have to buy these at a tobacconist or a news agent. Spain!!!

The walk out of Pamplona was mostly through parkland and then we were in the outskirts and walking through Cizur Menor. We met a young Canadian, Patrick, here who we christened “strider” as he walked with huge long strides and carried a large pack. We passed him later in the day with his boots off checking his blisters. Fast is not always good. I felt a bit tired today or down in power as we say due to some heavy snoring last night and the fact that the albergue was very warm.


 Before long we were heading for Alto de Perdon. We had bought some bread, cheese and fruit on leaving Pamplona so we could have a lunch break before the Alto. Today again was sunny but cool, nice for walking.

We met a seventy-two year old lady from Switzerland at the albergue in Pamplona who was a very steady walker, not fast or slow. We passed her early in the day coming out of the city but every time we stopped for a break she passed us again. We christened her the turtle, as in the turtle and the hare, we would forge ahead then stop for a break and she would amble past us, and so it went.


Alto de Perdon.

We finally reached the Alto around midday and saw the famous silhouettes of the pilgrims. What a view from up there. From there we descended a very steep and stony trail which made the leg muscles beg for mercy. we stopped at the first village down, Uterga, and booked into the albergue there. Not a very long day but we are sore and tired. Met a few people here we had seen on the trail during the day, a Canadian man, his wife and his sister. we joined them and had a few beers. Funny how the beer goes straight to the head when you are a bit dehydrated, must watch that.

The usual routine, shower, shave, wash clothes, nap and then go to dinner. It’s a bit too cold to explore and we have done enough walking. The staff here are very nice and the food is good, and they do not stint on the wine. Had a good chat and laugh over dinner and turned in at 22.00.

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