24/04/12 Day 5. 26km. Uterga – Villatuerta.

We were up at 06.00, packed and were away by 07.50. Iggy is very sore and stiff today after yesterdays climb and decent. My muscles are getting used to the walking now and are starting to ease. We missed the yellow arrow just outside the village and continued straight on until we met some Germans coming back against us. They explained that the trail came to an end in a cornfield about two kms further on, so we turned back and looked for the elusive arrow which we found at a junction in the path covered with grass. I cleared the grass away so anyone following would not make the same mistake. Tough walking after this, a lot of up and down sections. We walked on a section of old Roman road for a few Ks and then we came to Puenta de Reina and had breakfast.


Jane and I had been here twice before but it was lovely to see it again. Breakfast was not great, it seems we missed the good cafe and ended up having breakfast in a small hotel. They did not seem too enamoured with pilgrims. We bought bread, cheese and turito for lunch on the road. and then left Puenta la Reina.


Our goal today was Estella but Iggys hip started to give him some pain so we stopped for a break in a village called Villatuerta. I just happened to look up an alley as we passed and saw a sign for an albergue so we decided to have a look and stay if it was nice. It turned out to be a lovely albergue run by a woman from Brazil. She told me she was walking the Camino a few years earlier and had met a man (now her husband) in the next village and they had fallen in love. She returned and they bought a derelict building and turned it into the Albergue Reinare. She is so nice and helpful, I’m glad we found it. We had dinner at the local bar/cafe with some Germans and Spaniards, which was very enjoyable.

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