25/04/12 Day 6. 26km Villatuerta – Los Arcos.


Up and about at 06.30. It was a help yourself breakfast with everything possible on the table. This was on a donation basis and also on trust. Hips and knees ok for both of us so far today. We stopped at the famous Bodegas Irache where complimentary wine is available on tap to pilgrims. We must have got the bottom of the barrel as it was only trickling out and did not taste great.



Walking was relatively easy today and it was sunny but with a cold wind. we got into Los Arcos at about 15.00 and met Josh and Sara at the Albergue de la Fuente Casa de Austria. Sara is sleeping and not feeling very well, I think it is exhaustion and dehydration as they are walking so fast. I gave Josh some rehydration powders to give her.

Ana, who we had met earlier in the day at lunch arrived later and asked me “is it ok if I sleep on top of you Pat” referring to the last remaining bunk over me. The whole room cracked up at that. A brother and sister, Pauline and Jamie, from Scotland are going to cook a meal tonight and anyone interested threw in €5 to cover the shopping. It was a great meal and it fed about forty. we had pasta, salad, bread and copious amounts of wine and water. A good laugh.

Jamie’s feet are in bits so we got him to bathe them in warm water and salt. Sara is still sleeping and Josh’s feet are in bits as well. I hope all will be ok for them tomorrow.


Ana, Iggy, Jim NY, and Jamie getting a foot massage.

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