02/05/12 Day 13. 0.0km Day of rest.


We slept through until about 08.30 then headed out after morning ablutions and had breakfast in a bar/cafe. Strolled around for a while the went to a camping shop to buy nikwax for my boots as they need a spruce up after all the mud and rain over the last while.

We ran into Lilly again and caught up with the news from the way. Pauline is still walking along with Patrick from Canada and a few others and Jamie is busing ahead. Lilly is staying at the albergue near the Cathedral. We called in to the Cathedral and got our passports stamped. The craftsmanship in the Cathedral is stunning.


We also met Marcus from Germany, he has injured his leg jumping off a top bunk and has to rest up for a few days in Burgos.

When we returned to the hotel in the afternoon we met Josh and Sara who had booked in the night before. We made arrangements to have dinner together later. Had another salt bath and a nap and then headed out for dinner with Josh and Sara. Had a lovely meal and a good chat then came back, repacked and got ready for the off in the morning.


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