1/05/12 Day 12. May Day. Ages – Burgos. 24km

This morning was a beautiful clear morning with blue skies and just a hint of frost. We headed towards Burgos at 08.00 after breakfast. The path was a rocky and long steady climb through military lands up to Matagrande at 1078 mts. After the Alto we climbed down to lovely green pasture lands with skylarks singing all the way, it reminded me of home when we were kids before the all the forestry was sown.

We stopped at 11.00 for second breakfast at a roadside cafe and couldn’t understand why lots of people were drinking already, then someone said it was a holiday for the first of May. With the walking and the cold and wet weather we are eating like Hobbits. First breakfast at about 07.00, the second breakfast at about 11.00. First lunch at 13.00, second lunch at about 16.00, and we are loosing weight.

We took the alternate route into Burgos along by the river. Most of the other pilgrims seemed to have missed the turn off so we had it pretty much all to ourselves. The last section was through the parkland that runs along the river all the way into the city.


We arrived at the city gates at 14.30 and had a look around the main Plaza with the Cathedral.


When we had rested we went to look for a small hotel which was recommended in our guide, Hotel Norte y Londres. It was a lovely old world hotel, really plush and we thought this is going to cost a fortune, but when we checked it was €50.00 for a double with a bath, shower and toilet en suite. we took it for two nights.

When we were showered, changed and refreshed we headed out for a stroll. The afternoon was warm and sunny so we sat in the main Plaza near the Cathedral and drank beer and had a bite to eat. Our waiter kept correcting my attempts at Spanish until I got it right. We met Jamie for a few minutes but he was heading to the bus station to get a bus further on as his feet are still in a mess.

After another ramble we headed for the restaurant area and had a nice meal. We were sat in the middle of what looked like an old folks outing and we we had a laugh about what if they rounded us up as well when the bus arrived. Bought some sea salt on the way home and had a long soak in the bath. Slept like a log.

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