27/04/12 Day 8 Viana – Navarrete 22.5km


We were up and away 07.45. No breakfast available so we bought bread at the bakery next door and were going to have it later on. We reached Logrono mid morning and stopped at a cafe, near the pilgrim statues, to have breakfast.


Image    Image

It was warm and sunny so we sat outside. The staff were so friendly. We had a long leisurely breakfast which lasted about an hour and a half. Logrono is a beautiful city.

I walked in my T shirt again today, its nice and sunny and warm. The people in Logrono are the friendliest we have met so far. Nearly everyone we meet wishes us a Buen Camino and points out the way ahead. The walk out of Logrono is through parkland mostly and is quite pleasant. Some lovely walking today.

We arrived in Navarrete at 14.10 and headed for an albergue which we had booked as we were walking. We had booked a double room, which turned out to be in an apartment which was converted to take the overflow from the main albergue. When we got in we couldn’t believe our eyes as Pauline, Jamie, Ana, Gary and his wife (Canada), Lilly Bianchi (Canada, and a lovely person), Patrick (Canada) and Kim from South Africa, were all there before us.

Jamie is organizing breakfast for the morning so we all chipped in again. Pauline and Ana gave a massage, back or feet, to anyone who needed it. We all headed out later in the evening for the pilgrim meal at a local cafe. The meal was great, the staff were nice and the crack was mighty. Lots of wine was had by all. Bed early and slept like a log.


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