29/04/12 Day 10. 28.5km. Ciruena – Belorado

We left the “albergue” at 07.30 after breakfast and if ever there was an occasion to have wiped the dust from my sandals this was it, except in this case it was mud. We had several breaks along the way to have second breakfast and rest breaks and we met Yoki, from Japan, on one of these breaks. We had originally met her in Pamplona and she told us that she was also in the albergue in Ciruena last night. We didn’t see her as, like a lot of the others she had gone straight to bed to try and keep warm. We had a good laugh about it all, well that’s all you could do.

We decided to have a long walk today and put yesterday far behind us. It was rough enough walking in places. We met Jim, a teacher from New York who we met earlier in the journey, and walked into town with him. We all got into Belorado at 16.00 and booked into a private albergue, the Albergue de Peregrinos Quatro Cantones.


This albergue cost only €5.00 and had a restaurant and bar as part of it. The staff couldn’t have been nicer. There was plenty of hot water and the whole place was so warm. We washed all our clothes from yesterday and had them dry in no time. We met some very nice people here, a young guy, Mike, from New York and his brother in law who had walked from St Jean. They were walking about 40km a day as they were tied for time.

They were walking to Burgos in the morning then taking the train to Madrid and then a flight home. We also met Ulrike, who I thought at first was an American who spoke very good German but I learned a few days later that she was a German who spoke perfect English with an American accent, a really lovely girl.

We shared a table at the meal with Mike and his brother in law. We were discussing how nice the staff were and in particular the girl who checked us in, she was a real beauty and couldn’t be more helpful. Mike got a little tipsy with all the wine and told her, as she served us, that she was the most beautiful woman he had seen since he left St Jean, she smiled and said “but Senor, that is because you have spent most of that time looking at the ground”. Sharp as a tack.


Mike (on left) and his brother in law.


First class albergue and first class staff.


This is the woman and her husband.

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