30/04/12 Day 11. Belorado – Ages. 27.5km.

Headed off at 07.50 after a nice breakfast. Its cold again with drops of rain. We planned to have a short day today. We were to walk 12km to Villafranca Montes de Orca but as usual we got there early and after a break we walked on to San Juan de Ortega. It was tough enough going after Villafranca and quite cold as we got to the Alto de Valbuena.



When we reached San Juan de Ortega there was nothing much there so after another break we walked a few more km’s to Ages. There are a few albergues here even though it is a small enough town. We decided on a private albergue and again the lady who ran it put us in a separate, overflow, house.


There were four beds in the room for just the two of us. The room was cold but comfortable. When we checked in the lady gave us a small packed meal for the next day. An apple, fruit drink and a sweet cake. Mike from New York and his brother in law were here as well, they didn’t make it to Burgos after all. We joined them again for dinner. The meal was good and plenty of it. Early bed again tonight.

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