03/05/12 Day 14. Burgos – Hontanas. 30km


We were up, packed and gone by 07.30. We took the river walk out of Burgos which is more scenic. Iggy is suffering from shin splints today and I am a bit slow to start. These rest days are maybe not such a good idea after all.

Today, as is becoming usual, we planned on walking 20km to Hornillos del Camino. When we arrived there, the place was tiny, and in the conditions, unspectacular, so after a lunch break we decided to press on to Hontanas. The skies opened for the afternoon and the wind picked up, so we were head on to the rain. Worse was the muddy tracks through the corn fields, there was no escaping as the fields were worse.

The mud was an adobe clay mud which built up on our boots so that our feet got heavier and we got taller as we walked,we had to stop every few hundred meters and scrape the mud off and start again.

We passed a cyclist and I really felt sorry for him, the mud was building up on the wheels of his bike, it jammed the brakes and clogged the forks. He had to stop at even shorter distances than us, clean the wheels and start all over again. We finally arrived in Hontanas at 13.30 and booked into a lovely Albergue which I had booked ahead. This albergue is open for two years and everything is in great condition.

A few people who arrived just after us were turned away so we were lucky to have booked. As we walked into town Josh and Sara called out to us from a Restaurant, they were having lunch, and by the sound of it, wine. We said we would try and meet them later for a drink. No 40km for them today. Cleaning our boots was the biggest job we had this evening, they were caked in clay and as we had to wash them they got even wetter, but the lady who ran the place allowed us to bring them upstairs to a radiator in the hall where they dried during the night.

It didn’t stop raining all evening so we didn’t get to meet Josh and Sara. Nearly all the people in the albergue today were German and at the evening meal we were the only two Paddies at a big table full of Germans.

Only complaint about this place was the mattresses were thin and hard, other than that everything was good.

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