04/05/12 Day 15. Hontanas – Itero de la Vega. 25.6km


Clothes and boots were dry this morning but we were both tired as we did not sleep so good on the thin mattresses. Iggy is still suffering with the shin splints and I have a sore throat and a headache, mind you the headache could be the results of the vino tinto last night. One of the German ladies in our room shone a laser light down my throat and that seemed to do the trick, the soreness was gone after breakfast.

Not so much mud on the trail today but we stayed on the road for a bit where the trail ran parallel. We had second breakfast in Castrojeriz in a very nice but unusual bar. The walls were covered with bank notes from all over the world.

ImageAfter our break we had a major climb to the top of Alto de Mostelares, 910 mts at an incline of 10 degrees. We stopped at the top for a snack break and to see the view, it was beautiful up here but cold. We must be getting fitter as we did not find this climb bad at all. What goes up must come down so we had a steep walk down which was not kind on Iggy’s shins.


Our destination today is Itero de la Vega. We passed the first private albergue on the way into town but one of the Germans from last night told us it was not great, bunks are too close together and the place is not very clean. We decided to go further into the town and check out the other private albergue and the municipal one. We opted for the municipal in the end as it had only single beds and was warm.


After booking in we were left to ourselves and did not see anyone again until we left next morning. There were only three of us in the whole albergue, a Japanese girl who we had met a few times along the way, Iggy and myself.


We got all our laundry washed and dried here no problem as there was no competition for the radiators. The place is a bit run down and neglected and I had visions of a bed bug attack but it didn’t happen.

As there was no food served here we had to walk back to the first albergue and book dinner. This was run by two elderly gentlemen who were brothers by the look of them and an old lady who could have been a wife of one but was probably a sister.The food was good and lots of it but the wine was the worst ever. After one mouthful I switched to water.

Had a funny incident during the dinner, as it got warm I decided to take off my fleece and as I did my T shirt rode up over my stomach, a lady from Amsterdam who was at our table said you have a very flat stomach Pat (pronounced sthomack), Iggy sprayed wine all over with the laughing. I heard this expression from him all the way to Santiago. We were told that breakfast would only be available in the next village, 6km away.

We had a good nights sleep after as the place was so quiet.

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