05/05/12 Day 16. Itero de la Vega – Villacazar de Sigra. 29km

Woke at 07.30 to find yet another wet day outside. As there was no breakfast available in town we walked 6km to the next village but when we got there every place was closed. We then had to walk another 11km to the next town through heavy rain and a strong cold headwind.

That breakfast was so welcome, freshly squeezed orange juice, coffee and a bocadillo tortilla. Hunger and rain can really drain the spirits but both the weather and the spirits picked up after breakfast and we walked 29km to Villacazar de Sigra. After trying a few places we finaly got booked into a private albergue on the way out of town, albergue Casa Aurea.


It was ok, bunks a little close together but we had one loo/shower between six of us which wasn’t too bad.

We met an Englishman here who was living in South Africa for the past twenty or so years, David. He walked in street clothes and shoes and looked very dapper. We had a few beers and then got the laundry sorted. Dinner is at 1900. We haven’t seen any of the usual gang for the last few days except Scottish Dave last evening and he was just passing through.

The meal was ok and we hit the sack shortly after. David said it was like boarding school, up early, walk all day, eat, sleep and then do the same all over again. Didn’t sleep well due to a Spanish Olympic snorer who was practically head to head with me.

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