07/05/12 Day 18. Ledigos – Sahagun. 16km.

We were on the road at about 08.00 after coffee and a muffin. We stopped for proper breakfast after about an hour but coffee and croissant was all that was available. I will probably have type two diabetes before this Camino is finished.

The weather is nice today and good for walking. Very long straight stretches again today. We got into Sahagun at 12.00 and booked into the first hotel we met on the way in.

Image      Image

They advertised a special rate for pilgrims.When we asked at reception about a room the guy asked us “are you peregrinos” I pointed to myself and my rucksack and said “who else would be mad enough to walk around with one of those on their back” We still had to show our passports before we got the rate.

Got showered, shaved etc. and then walked into town for a look around and have lunch. We had a lovely lunch at a bar/restaurant in the Plaza. The people who ran it looked like South American Indians. We learned later that they were from Brazil. There seem to be a lot of them in business in this part of Spain. It started to rain as we got back to the hotel so we decided to have dinner at the hotel.


This was served at 20.30 and was really good. The portions were so big we couldn’t finish it all. Everything with wine cost €10.00 each. Fantastic value. Tomorrows forecast is for more rain, so maybe another short day. A few American pilgrims here at the hotel but they kept very much to themselves.

Image    Image

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