08/05/12 Day 19. Sahagun – El Burgo Ranero. 18.5km

Up and on the road by 08.00. We were to have breakfast in town but before we knew it we were in the outskirts. Luckily we had got bread and cheese for lunch so we stopped at a bus stop and had that for breakfast. It was raining steadily but not too cold all morning.

We stopped in Mansilla de las Mulas for proper breakfast. By the time we finished the rain had stopped so we stripped off the wet gear and were headed off again. We met a pilgrim today walking against us and heading in the direction of St. Jean, he must be walking back after his Camino. I have heard of a few doing this.

We had also met a French guy on our first day near the Alto de Ibanete who had started his Camino in January from Bordeaux and was walking back home after walking to Santiago and Finisterra. We arrived in El Burgo Ranero at about 13.00 and booked into a private albergue

Image     Image

We got a double room with a small balcony which was great for drying the laundry. Funny how your priorities change when you have to live out of a backpack. There is a nice bar/restaurant just up the street where we will eat later All the villages along this stretch seem to be built with adobe. The meal was good and we were joined by the woman from Amsterdam, (flat stomach story) who we have met a few times. She was a bit emotional at the meal. She seems to have some personal issues or else she is homesick.

Image       Image

This is the finish on a lot of the buildings.

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