09/05/12 Day 20. El Burgo Ranero – Puenta de Villarente. 26km.

I had a very bad nights sleep last night. A succession of nightmares and night sweats and I woke up drained. Up at 07.00 and breakfast at the bar next door. I had coffee and a lovely fresh bocadillo tortilla. It was huge, I could only eat half but the very kind lady at the bar wrapped the rest in foil and I had that later for second breakfast on the trail.


The storks in this area build their nests on churches and bell towers and any high building and seem to be left to their own devices. Strange but I could swear that I passed that same man again this morning walking in the opposite direction, Iggy recons I’m seeing things.

We were to walk 20km today to Mansilla de las Mulas but while we were on the road section a car stopped us and gave us a leaflet for an albergue in Puenta Villarente which is 6km further on.

Today is warm so I could walk in my T shirt again. We are both feeling really good today so we decided to walk the extra 6km to that albergue in Puenta Villarente. Iggys shin splints flared up again for the last few kilometers and we arrived at 13.00.

puente2          puente1

We got a nice room to ourselves with toilet and shower en suite.There is a lovely walled garden as part of the albergue and this was really warm for the afternoon.


We got all our laundry done and hung to dry then sat and had a few beers and chatted to some of the others. Met an American, John from Arizona, who I had seen a few times but not spoken to. I thought he was part of a group but he was walking alone but in company of a few other Americans on and off. He is a very nice guy.

Our lady from Amsterdam showed up later in the day and showed her true colours. As there were a few German and Dutch pilgrims in the garden she went straight over to talk to them and didn’t even salute or acknowledge us in any way. This really annoyed me as for the past week or so every time we met her she always asked to join us for meals. A strange one all right. Iggy said she had probably gone off my flat sthomack.

We had a very enjoyable meal that night and a lot of laughs. I would definitely recommend this albergue.

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