10/05/12 Day 21. Villarente – Leon. 12km

We had a nice breakfast this morning, a bit like home, coffee with toast and jam, then we hit the last 12km to Leon. No rush today so we took several breaks. It is warm and sunny so T shirt time again. The walk into Leon itself is not very inspiring, through suburbs and business areas but it’s all part of the experience.

We met the backwards pilgrim again this morning, no mistake this time. He must be busing ahead and walking the stages backwards. Well it’s a different approach. We arrived in Leon at 12.00 and with the help of some friendly policemen made our way to the Plaza Mayor.

We went to see a pension that was recommended in the guide book. After a lot of searching we eventually found it and it was pretty basic, and that’s being kind. The old lady who ran the place, I think it was just a few rooms in her own house, wanted €45 for a double room without shower or toilet en suite. We then decided we would walk back down towards the river to see a Hostal we had seen advertised in the albergue in Villarente.

Image   Image

It was a Nice Hostal/hotel with a good size double room and with the all important shower/toilet in the room. This also cost €45. We booked for two nights. We were about a five to seven minute walk from the Cathedral.


After the usual shower, shave, change of clothes and laundry work we headed out to see the sights and get some lunch. We met a few people we knew to see and had a few words with them. After lunch we went back to the hotel for a siesta. When we came out again later to have dinner we met Ana and Ukricka, they joined us for dinner and we caught up on all the news from the way. This is where I found that Ulricka was from Germany and had perfect American English. She is doing her PhD in Astro Physics.

We had just missed Josh and Sara, the had left Leon this morning. I was great to meet Ana again, we run into her every few days and she is so full of exuberance we start to miss her if we don’t see her for a while. All the others we know are either gone ahead on buses or are still behind.

We met Lilly and it was lovely to meet her again and catch up. She has an ankle/shin injury and will take a few days in Leon to rest up. Unfortunately this was the last time we met Lilly as her extra rest days meant we ended up ahead of her all the way to Santiago.

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