12/05/12 Day 23. Leon – San Martin del Camino. 27km


We were up and away by 07.00. The forecast was spot on, its warm, overcast and humid. We didn’t take the usual way out of Leon, as we were near the river anyway we walked there and followed it to the point where it meets the Camino which is near the famous Parador Leon.

There were two young women just ahead of us most of the way out and we found out later that they were from Brazil, we met them several times during the day resting with their shoes and socks off.

The way out of Leon is not a very nice walk, lots of blocks of flats and industrial estates. We had breakfast a few kilometers outside the city. A nice cafe with sidewalk tables and the girl who worked there inviting everyone who passed to sit and have breakfast, it was a good one too.

The day cleared up and it got warm and sunny so I zipped off the bottoms of my walking pants and let my legs see the sun, the first time since last September, man they were white. Passed the backwards pilgrim again today. Saw some trogladite dwellings after leon, I didn’t know they were in this part of Spain as well.


We also saw lots more storks nesting. They are not very busy in this part of Spain as we saw no babies being delivered  🙂


We took it easy today and had several breaks and drank loads of water because of the heat. We reached our intended destination of Villadangos del Paramo by 12.00 but as usual after a break we decided to push ahead another six to seven kilometers to San Martin del Camino. We arrived at 13.30 and checked into the first albergue we met, it was quite hot by then. This was a private albergue so we got a double room. It was called albergue Ana and the lady who ran it was very nice, she was called Ana by the way.

Image   Image

After showering and getting into some clean clothes we did all the laundry and hung them to dry in the orchard then went and had a few beers.

We decided on a light lunch to keep us going until dinner which was at seven this evening. I obviously didn’t get my intentions across when I ordered because After the salad was finished, which was all I thought I ordered, the main course arrived, then dessert. We were stuffed,

I told Ana as best I could that we probably would not be hungry enough for dinner at seven but she said she would serve ours at eight instead. Big siesta after this. Dinner was equally as big and as nice and we gave it our best shot.

Mostly Germans and French here so we did not get to talk to anyone new as they pretty much kept to their own groups. It’s at times like this I miss the gang we meet from time to time.

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