13/05/12. Day24. San Martin del Camino – Astorga. 24km

We were up, breakfasted and away by 07.30. It was a beautiful morning but the walking was for the most part along the main road so it was a bit noisy. We were to stop for second breakfast at a lovely town called Hospital de Orbigo but before we knew it we were out of town and no coffee fix.


We walked another 15km before the opertunity to have coffee arose again. This was in San Justa de la Vega.


We met the Brazilian girls again but one of them was limping very badly, an old knee injury had flared up. We walked with them for a while but we pulled ahead when they stopped for a rest.


We got into Astorga at about 13.30 and it was hot, hot, hot. After a good bit of searching we booked into a nice enough albergue run by Brazilians.

Image     Image

After the usual shower, change and laundry routine we went out and had a beer and a sandwich nearby.

We met Analise from Belgium as we were eating, we have met her before a few times and always while eating, and she wondered did we do any walking at all or were we just eating our way through the Camino. We also met one of the Brazilian girls again, the one who was injured, and she was very upset. She had gone to the local hospital where an x-ray of her leg showed a fairly serious injury.

Her friend had decided to keep going to Santiago but she was getting an evening train to Barcelona where she would wait for her friend to finish the Camino then fly home. She was very sad. We were back in the albergue by 21.30 and we packed and got ready for the morning. We plan another 20 – 27kms tomorrow.

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