14/05/12. Day 25. Astorga – Foncebadon. 25.5Km


We left Astorga at 06.50 and hit the trail, we stopped at Murias, about 5Km further on and had breakfast which was served by an overworked and slightly highly strung but very nice lady. We met one of the American women here, Suzy, and she didn’t look too good at all. We passed her a little later and she was was muttering “must go on, must go on” under her breath, but she assured us she was ok.


Later we met up with a retired teacher from Letterkenny, Adrian O’Shea, who was walking the Camino in stages for a few years. He knew Sean Corry from our village, who taught in Letterkenny, small world. We walked with him for a few hours until we reached Rabanal del Camino.

The day was beautiful, blue skies and just cool enough to be comfortable walking. There is still snow on the mountains nearby. We had lunch together in Rabanal and then we decided to walk the extra 5k to Foncebadon so as to have a short walk to the Cruz de Ferro tomorrow where we will leave our stones from home and our prayers. We said our goodbyes to Adrian who was booked in at Rabanal.


We booked a double room at a private albergue in Foncebadon, Convento de Foncebadon. This cost €45.00 but was well worth it as it was as good as any hotel we have stayed in so far. The guys English improved when he found out we were Irish and he even put on some Irish music on the outside speakers when we were having a beer later.


He is big into motorbikes and has a BMW 1200 GS. He also has a 1950’s bike, these were manufactured in Bilboa, and has pride of place in the restaurant. He invited me to a vintage bike race in August which is held in the next village. He said its the only place in Spain where road racing is still allowed.


We saw to the usual daily chores, laundry, beers and a chat with some of the others. We met Ana again, she had booked into the dormitory section of the Albergue. Ana joined us for dinner, which was really good and we had a catch up and a laugh. Hope to have a bit of a sleep in tomorrow and then on to the Cruz de Ferro.

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