19/05/12. Day 30. Fonfria – Sarria. 30 Km



Today is Daire’s Birthday and I’m sorry to miss it but I text him.

We started down the mountain after breakfast at about 07.30. Lots of cow dung this morning. We plan to stay in an albergue about 20 km from Fonfria, a little hamlet called Teugun,  but we must have missed it. All the hamlets in this area consist of only three to four houses so somewhere along the line we passed it by.




Not a bad day for walking, cool and a little overcast. We met up with a South African lad today who was sat near us at a café in Leon, he came across as a bit of a loudmouth then. He walked with us for a while and chatted. Turns out he was OK, he just talked very loudly.



Before we knew we were in the outskirts of Sarria, short day my butt. We checked into a small hotel/restaurant at the first junction we came to in Sarria, right on the Camino.


We had a really nice dinner just up the road from the hotel and we finished up with a large glass of Jameson which was on the house.

We are only 110 Kms from Santiago now, four to five days more walking. Maybe a sleep in tomorrow. I won’t mention any more short days.

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