22/05/12. Day 33. St Julien – Arzua. 25 Km

We had a great breakfast at the albergue. We said goodbye to all and headed out. The morning was warm but raining lightly. Our next planned stop is Arzua.

We met the three Irish girls again today and a few new people. The weather cleared up as the morning went on and it got hot.

As we were walking we met an Irish woman who was part of a tour group but had decided to walk on her own. She looked familiar and after a while chatting it turned out she had worked in one of the offices at work and had been married to a work colleague of mine who had passed away a few years before. Small world. We parted company, but met up again later as we were staying at the same hotel as her group.



Hostal O’Retiro, outskirts of Arzua.

We were well ready for a stop by the time we reached Arzua as it was really hot by then. We stopped at the first hotel on the way into town, the room was lovely, the staff and food were ok.

We met a few more groups from Ireland here, this is obviously one of their stops.

Had the pilgrim meal here which was ok, had a few beers and hit the sack early.


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