23/05/12. Day 34. Arzua – Vilamaior. 28 Km


Heavy fog and cold this morning but we knew it would be hot when it burned off. We had a nice breakfast at a café in town this morning, the young waitresses were a bit sullen so our mission was to get them to smile. We had a fifty percent success ratio.

The fog burned off early and the temperature rose steadily.

We ended up having a long hot walk today, about 28Kms. This will mean a short walk into Santiago tomorrow so we should arrive early. We plan to be in about 10.30 and meet Jane, who flew into Santiago yesterday, at the Cathedral.

We arrived at the hostal at about 16.30 hot and tired. We had taken a wrong turn at Labacolla and this added some time and distance to our walk. We followed a yellow arrow that someone had put up pointing to a café or hotel and had to backtrack to find the correct route.



We followed this arrow to the left instead of going straight on.

The climb out of Labacolla  was heavy going in the heat but we eventually reached our Hostal. The Norwegian ladies and the Australian lady arrived shortly after us.

The accommodation and food here is excellent. It’s a family run Hostal and I would recommend it to anyone, Casa de Amancio. The young waiter who served us had very good English and looked after us very well so he was well tipped.



Casa de Amancio


Happy to be so near the finish but sad that it is coming to an end.

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