25/05/12. Day 36. Rest Day, Santiago. 0.0Km

We had a sleep in until about 08.30 then headed out after breakfast. We plan to go to the 12.00 Mass at the Cathedral and see the Botafumeiro being swung. The Cathedral was really busy so went in at 10.50, the earliest I have ever been for mass in my life.

We saw Ana in the crowd but lost her again, we also met Nell, the Norwegians, Mary from Texas and several more we had met on the walk. Iggy got a big hug from Texas Mary, I had to make do with a handshake. It was a lovely mass and we saw the Botafumeiro being swung, something that doesn’t happen every day. Iggy was delighted as he wanted to see this before we left Santiago.



We finally caught up with Ana after mass and we all had lunch together, she gave me a guide for the walk to Finistera and Muxia as she has decided not to walk it herself. We all went back to Janes “garden” again for a few drinks after lunch. Ana and Jane plan to take an early morning bus out to Finistera to see the lighthouse, then Ana returns to London to look for work and Jane is getting the train to Valencia to visit Oisin and Laura. We start on our walk to the coast.

IMG_1390    IMG_1387

Jane at Finistera Lighthouse.

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