26/05/12. Day 37. Santiago – Vilaserio. 35Km


Photocall outside the Parador. (Not our hotel.)


It rained heavily all night but had lightened off by morning. We had breakfast at the hotel, put on our wet gear and walked down to the Cathedral Plaza. We said our goodbyes to Jane and started walking to Finistera.

IMG_1385         IMG_1386

And we’re off again.

It was showery and humid all day, we had the wet gear on and off several times. We seemed to be climbing all day but I think we were just getting back into the rhythm again after the rest days.

We reached Negreira, 22kms out, early afternoon but after a stop for lunch we decided to keep going for another bit to shorten tomorrows walk.

We met very few pilgrims on the trail today, a big change from the main Camino, those we met were not overly friendly, mostly German pilgrims from what we could tell.

We arrived in Vilaserio at 18.15 well and truly knackered. The albergue had no private rooms, just open dorms with bunks, nice and clean. We got back into the old routine, shower, shave, laundry, nap and then dinner. Dinner consisted of  bacon, eggs and chips with wine or beer. We each got nine slices of bacon, two eggs and a huge portion of chips, they don’t stint on the bacon or eggs in Spain. We had a few beers after and hit the bunks at about 21.00.

A few French pilgrims who were at the bar earlier rolled in drunk around 23.00 and woke everyone, again a big change from the main Camino.

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