29/05/12. Day 40. Finistera – Muxia. 30Km

Bad headache this morning, a mixture of yesterdays sun and last nights wine, although the sun might be innocent in this case. We were on the road out of Finistera at 08.00 and on the way to Lires, fifteen km away. We had breakfast at a local café just before we left.

Mixed walking today, some on roads and more through woodland. We lost the arrows at one point but a local woman pointed us in the right direction.

We met a woman we knew slightly coming against us on the trail in the woods, she was so pleased to see us she hugged us both, I think she may have been worried about being lost and we were a welcome sight.

When we arrived at Lires it was still before noon and even though it was sunny it was very cold, not really suitable to visit the beach there.






We had lunch in the albergue/café but held off on checking in. After a lunchtime powwow we decided to press on to Muxia. This turned out to be a good decision as we found out later that there were only two buses from Muxia to Santiago, one at 06.45 and the last one at 14.30. This would have given us very little time to explore Muxia if we were walking from Lires the next day.



When we arrived in Muxia we walked through the town then stopped and had a great lunch at a new hotel. We then walked to the albergue to collect our Muxia Compostela. The albergue was full but we weren’t going to stay there anyway.

We walked back to the hotel where we had lunch, and booked in there, €50.00 for a big double room with a huge balcony and lounger chairs. As it was too cold to lounge out there so we hung the washing on the chairs instead. Nel and a friend of hers booked in here as well.

We had a funny incident in the room where we were staying. Iggy was in the bathroom having his shower and shave, I was lying on my bed writing up my notes for the day when I heard him say stop it, I didn’t pay much heed, after another minute I heard him say sod off, again I didn’t pay much heed. When he came out a few minutes later he asked if I had been in the bathroom while he was shaving, I assured him I had not, then he told me that after he came out of the shower and was drying off someone smacked him on the butt, that was the stop, a short while later it happened again, that was the sod off. I had a good laugh about this until we found out that the hotel was built on the site of a local woman’s house, Lolo, who was supposed to be a great character in the area, they even named the hotel after her. That’s my brother, he can charm old Texans and ghosts.

Nel, her German friend, who was a really nice guy and a great laugh, and ourselves had a lovely meal out in the port area that night, no pilgrim meal this time, we pushed the boat out, pardon the pun, as it was our last night on the Camino, we are officially finished tomorrow. Nell is heading for Finistera in the morning, she is walking the reverse of our route. Full of good food and wine we fell fast asleep without giving Lolo another thought.

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