30/05/12. Day 41. Muxia. Last Day.

We had a really lovely breakfast in the hotel this morning and afterwards we walked to the Little church of the Virgin of the Boat outside the town at a beautiful headland.

20120530_101910    20120530_102655

Santuario da Virxe da Barca.

The day is just beautiful and a great day to finish our Camino. I could stay walking, it’s a simple life, but I miss Jane, the boys and the grand-kids so its time to call a halt and head home. We spent some time at the headland on our own enjoying the moment and thinking our own thoughts.

20120530_102638    20120530_102822

20120530_104902    20120530_105240

    We checked out of our hotel, said goodbye to Lolo 🙂  then headed to the port area and had a lovely lunch. The bus that takes us back to Santiago leaves from here.

After Santiago we take a train to Alicante to spend a few days R&R with our brother Lawrence who lives near there. Jane will meet us there as well.

What a fantastic adventure this was. Thanks to Iggy who put the gun to my head back in February to do this Camino, otherwise I might be still talking about it. We talked a lot on the journey, we became famous for it, we missed turn off’s and arrows because of it, people said to us you are the two Irish guys who are always talking, we heard about you. It was great. Can’t wait to do it again.


Buen Camino.


Jane and I walked from Sarria in September 2014, I didn’t keep any notes for this Camino but I put a little slide show together. It can be seen here.  http://youtu.be/PZQgWpdc988


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2 Responses to 30/05/12. Day 41. Muxia. Last Day.

  1. Bridget Casey says:

    I enjoyed reading your daily summaries Pat! Thanks for putting them on here.

  2. PS. The photos are lovely, give a real sense of the journey you were on.

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